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Panel GRP Tanks

Panel GRP Tanks

This Type of panel tanks are composed of several hot-pressed FRP panels that are bolted together to for the walls of the tank and which is in good durability in any design manner. These Panel Tanks are mainly design for the size of the tank is too large to be manufactured as a cylindrical or conventional tank or to be transported safely or easily to the destination. Panel tanks are also preferred (regardless of the size) when the delivery time is tight. The most common application for Panel tanks is a water tanks whether it is for smaller residential units or larger industrial complexes. These tanks have an of drinking water. Panel tanks are usually square or rectangle-shaped but, in some special circumstances, can also be L-shaped or U-shaped.

Custom GRP Tanks

The Tanks & Vessels Division manufactures various size and shape as per client requirements.

·      Rectangular Hopper Tanks

·      Square Hopper Tanks

·      V-Shaped Rectangular Settling Tanks.

·      Cylindrical Hopper Tanks