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GRP Manholes/Chambers for Sewerage and Drainage Network

The Sewerage & Drainage Division manufactures all the products required for sewerage and drainage systems which includes Manholes & Chambers and Sewerage & Drainage Components.

GRP Manholes/Chambers for Sewerage and Drainage Network

·      Pureline GRP Division can be produces single skin and double skin manholes. The advantage of double skin manholes is that they can be installed and handling very easily by lowering the manhole on position and filling the concrete between the inner and outer walls to provide the counterweight for the water table uplift force mean while avoiding all the formwork otherwise required for the foundation of the manhole. GRP Manholes liners can be produced in all shapes and sizes as well as any angle combinations inlets and outlets for the manhole benching likewise, the Chambers are produced in various dimension and shape as per the project specifications of the customer. In general manholes liner, and chambers are produced using the hand-lay-up manufacturing process to attain the often- complex shapes, dimensions and angles required. Manhole Liners can s be produced using the hand layup, continuous filament winding or the discontinuous filament winding process.

GRP Sewerage & Drainage Components.

·      GRP Structural Manhole & Chamber

·      GRP Double Skin Manhole & Chamber

·      GRP Benching

·      GRP Inspection Chamber

·      GRP Collection Chamber

·      GRP Shaft Liner

·      GRP Dome/Cover Slab

·      GRP Sealing Plate

·      GRP Rodding Eye

·      GRP Sewerage Ladder

·      GRP Cowl