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Fiberglass Storage Tanks.

Pureline Fiberglass is a world’s leading manufacturer of fiberglass storage tank. And also, leader in product technologies and quality excellence. We are providing extensive range of services and products which including engineering, project management, technical support to architects, engineers, contractors and building owners.


Fiberglass storage tanks helps to lower total cost and greater dependability over the life of your storage systems and free of maintenance cost. Our fiberglass tanks do not corrode which is differ from metallic tank. Pureline Fiberglass tanks eliminate corrosion caused replacement cost.


We are providing different types of high-quality multipurpose corrosion resistant storage tanks.

Pureline Tanks are manufactured by thermo setting resin and fiberglass reinforcements which used for the storage of petroleum products, chemical tanks and water tanks.


Pureline fiberglass Manufacturing division handled by well experienced engineers and technicians and installing fiberglass tanks in various conditions. 


Fiberglass Tanks contain glass fiber reinforcement embedded in cured thermosetting resin. Glass fiber are designed for several applications, some of which are for applications in an alkali, acid and other chemical environment.

Pureline fiberglass products use only thermosetting resin systems which are two generic types, polyester and epoxy resins. The resin system is chosen for its chemical, mechanical and terminal properties.

Polyester resins come in many variants depends on properties to resist acids, caustics and high temperatures. While epoxy resins are used for manufacturing small diameter, polyester resins are commonly used for large diameter storage tanks.


Resistance to corrosion is the primary reasons for specifying fiberglass tanks or piping. Although fiberglass resistant a wide range of chemicals and temperatures, require right design, fabrication and installation.

Pureline fiberglass Tanks are designed with latest technologies and manufactured under strictest industry guidelines to meet a variety of needs.

Using advanced technology for fiberglass production, FRP tanks offer reliability, corrosion resistance, advanced engineering and designs for aboveground and underground storage tanks.

We are manufacturing single wall and double wall tanks for many industries.


Aboveground storage tanks are perfect for:

o   Acids Tanks

o   Caustics Tanks

o   Solvents and Corrosive fluids in petroleum production, chemical, pulp and paper, and other industries.

 Underground Tanks are perfect for:

o   Gasoline Tanks

o   Jet Fuel Tanks

o   AV-Gas Tanks

o   Motor Oil Tanks

o   Kerosene Tanks

o   Diesel Fuel Tanks

o   Water Tanks

o   Septic Tanks

o   Gasoline Tanks