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Pureline Fiberglass Piping

We are providing complete fiberglass piping system for variety of applications, designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Pureline fiberglass pipes are standard and custom fiberglass aboveground and underground piping is used for municipal, chemical and industrial application including transmission of acids, caustics and solvents, cooling tower lines, fire protection systems, wastewater treatment process lines, raw water inlet and discharge lines.


o   Performance Tested

o   Leak free Joints

o   Low maintenance

FRP piping materials are manufactured by winding processes that employ epoxy resins reinforced with continuous glass filaments. The resins used are thermosetting they undergo irreversible chemical reactions as they cure, resulting in superior temperature capabilities, while the filament reinforcement makes the piping component mechanically stronger and enhance performance and lighter weight.

Pureline fiberglass providing custom piping for petroleum, commercial, industrial and municipal applications for domestic and overseas markets. FRP piping used in pollution prevention related project include containment, recycling, discharge reduction and sewerage treatment.


Fiberglass pipe is an alternative for concrete, steel and plastic pipe. FRP pipes are light weight, corrosion resistant, cost effective especially in large diameter, high pressure applications. Fiberglass pipe is highly corrosion resistant eliminating the expense of cathodic protection needed with steel and reinforced concrete pipe in corrosive soils. Fiberglass pipes are less weight helps to boost the speed of installation and reduce installation costs.